Thanksgiving Doesn’t Have to Be A Line Item in the National Debt

My wife lives in her kitchen.  She is a Foodie. She is a cook, a baker, all food all the time.

She is making Thanksgiving theme confections for a caterer, and naturally, does not have all of the cutters, decorations, and supplies.

For as many trips to the grocery store, restaurant supply stores, bulk suppliers we used to make, much of those orders now go to Amazon.  Believe me, she gives the app a workout.

And, she can not only get the best prices for all of her supplies, but with Prime, she gets free next day shipping.  She has been able to noticeably cut her costs, and save time because  every trip to the store means less time available to actually do preparation.  The UPS guy shows up when summoned. That brown truck is in front of the house so often, the neighbors might talk.

Amazon Prime has been absolutely worth it, not only for her business, but if we were to add up all the shipping charges we would have incurred for gifts, household items, decorations, etc., it would be four- to five-times more.  And that doesn’t count the videos, music downloads, and specials.

10 years ago, if someone had said that my wife would do most of her shopping online, I’d just laugh.  At one time, she was a “professional shopper”.  One of the duties as the manager of the women’s fashion department for one of those big-box stores was to actually go to other stores, and create a monthly competitive shopping report about the local competition.


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