IMPORTANT!!!! Paypal or Payza No Longer Accepted

Valenties Day Special
Ends February 15th, 2019
One time SJV Upgrade on All 7 Sites for only $39.95 USD
Lifetime SJV, 5 Pack Ads, 10,000 Points
Pay with Coinpayments or Direct Payment
Sign up for ORU (Code RIC5550) and
Pay with the ORU VISA Debit Card
Get Upgrade on all 7 Sites only $21.00 USD
One-time $24.95 Setup Fee
$5.95 per month
Buy and Sell using ORU Marketplace

NO MORE merchants freezing your accounts
NO MORE fraudulent disputes and drawbacks
NO MORE high merchant fees
NO MORE worrying if your account will get shut down for selling digital or non-tangible products and services
NO MORE limits and delays on bank transfers

As an ORU Premium Member, using the ORU Marketplace, you can add unlimited products or services for sale available to Members from 90+ Countries for ONLY $5.95 per Month (I paid more than that in Paypal Fees alone!)
This is an opportunity to get set up to make unlimited purchases at ORU Marketplace using Direct Payment or VISA Debit Card,  or make unlimited sales of YOUR OWN products or services, including AFFILIATE PROGRAMS.  No hosting fees or programming needed.
Why Now?

As you know, Paypal's new "rules" have wreaked havoc on MY BUSINESS and other Merchants trying to make an HONEST LIVING in Network Marketing.  Not only PayPal, but Stripe, and other Merchant Accounts! 

Businesses Affected THIS YEAR:


My Paypal account has been LIMITED, leaving me to find other ways to handle purchase and sales transactions: the lifeblood of ANY business.

All of my sites will accept direct payments.  Upgrades and ad purchases must be manually installed so there may be a delay of up to 24 hours.  For Ad packs associated with an upgrade you will receive a one-time use, unique promo code that can be redeemed to install your ads.

Why Buying with ORU Gets a 70% Discount

I am offering a Bundle of 7 SJV Upgrades on my 7 safelists until Valentines Day, but why does the offer have two different prices?

The $39 offer for the SJV upgrade on all 7 safelists is for any other payment method other than ORU.  I am promoting this offer until Feb 15th.

I am giving an ADDITIONAL discount when people sign up and pay for this package using ORU.  

My Paypal was limited during Christmas week which also restricted my Stripe account.  I have been scrambling to do all the programming to incorporate new payment methods.  

Literally thousands of marketers have been closing up shop because the only thing they had available was Paypal.  I've had to drop many of the affiliate programs I had invested in, both time and money, because they either went out of business or had no alternative to Paypal.  My tally of my personal losses due to Paypal temper tantrums is in hundreds of dollars.

ORU not only provides the VISA Debit card to make purchases, but allows direct payments.  You also get ORU Marketplace where you can post unlimited ITEMS FOR SALE.  No programming needed.  

The $5.95 monthly fee is less than I was paying in Paypal fees alone.  ORU charges NO OTHER TRANSACTION FEES.  (Most VISA transactions charge a transaction fee + up to 3% percent of the sale, paid by the SELLER).  To give you some perspective, my Merchant Account to accept credit cards was costing me $75 to $100 per month whether I had sales or not.  It was a cost of doing business so I had to just suck it up.

The ORU set-up fees and monthly fees are FULLY TAX DEDUCTIBLE as legitimate business expenses.

I've been preaching that members should not SELL STUFF on safelists.  Build your list using safelists promoting only landing pages, and SELL PRODUCTS and SERVICES to your LIST... OR... ORU MarketplaceClassified Ads boardsCity PennysaverWorldProfit Marketplace.

So, as you can see, you also get a fee-free venue to sell your stuff (unlimited): ORU Marketplace.

Programs that DO have alternative ways to get PAID:








Profit From Free Ads 

Dave Mosher's safelists

Clickbank Products (not CB Pro Ads)

1GoldminePangeaPangea2 (All Maryanne's sites)

... and others

Direct Payments using Credit/Debit Cards with or Solid Pay Trust will be accepted 

Help with making a payment?


If you are having a problem making your payment for upgrade etc., submit a HelpDesk Ticket.  Many marketers now prefer direct payments.  A good idea since dealing with the plethora of pay processors can be tricky.

Here is the Value of this Total Advertising Package

The SJV Upgrade (Value $340) on each Site gives you:

50,000 Credits that can be traded for ads or mailer credits

10 Solos

2 HP Solos

10 Banners 300  Impressions

10  Buttons 300  Impressions

10 Text Links 50 Clicks

Receive the One-time-Offer (OTO)  Package + Promo Code newmember

The OTO on each of the 7 sites (Value $82.50) consists of 

Lifetime SJV

5 Pack Ads

10,000 Credits that can be traded for ads or mailer credits

The Promo Code newmember (Value $136.50) consists of

30,000 Credits that can be traded for ads or mailer credits

5 Solos

5 Banners

2 Buttons

5 Textlinks

PLUS ACTIVE SJV Members Get Monthly Ad Packs (Value $39.45)

5,000 Credits  that can be traded for ads or mailer credits

2  Solos

3 Banners

3 Buttons

3 TextLinks

Total Value of this package is Over $3900

Why THESE Sites?

ACTIVE Membership

Attentive Admin

Massive Downline Builder

Fantastic Referral Rewards

Member Extras:

  • Free Marketing Reports                                                                                          
  • Free or Low Cost eBooks                                                                                        
  • Free eCourses                                                                                                         
  • Promo Codes for Free Ad Packs and Upgrades                                                     
  • Discounted Frank Salinas Private List Extreme Solos                                            
  • Other Traffic Options                                                                                               

PLUS SuperNetwork Solo BOGO

Best Affordable Option For Massive Exposure For the Cost Of Coffee

SuperNetwork Solos - an amazingly cheap way to SAVE TIME and MONEY. They continue to be the BEST AFFORDABLE OPTION to get MASSIVE EXPOSURE for your ads for the cost of a cup coffee.

  • SAVE TIME.  Submit to THOUSANDS of members on DOZENS of sites in MINUTES.  You do not need to join or upgrade on ANY of the network sites to send SuperNetwork Solos.  
  • SAVE MONEY. Supernetwork solos are many times less than or equal to the cost of a SINGLE SITE SOLO...  AND... You can buy them in BULK (5 Supers for $10 to 15)
  • THIS is my secret weapon that enables me to send 250,000 to 1,000,000 emails personally PER DAY 
  • SuperNetwork Solo BOGO.  Get one free Site Solo for EACH SuperSolo Purchased on ANY of my 7 safelists!  Including BULK PURCHASES!

Don't Miss Out on this GREAT Advertising Bonus and the opportunity to get a jump start for YOUR Business with  the Buying Power of the ORU VISA Debit Card and the Selling Power of ORU Marketplace

Here is the solution - Pay Direct:


(Individual Site Upgrades Listed First)

Pay with ORU Marketplace *
Pay with Coinpayments

2nd Chance OTO at SoloAdsWork  Only

Lifetime SJV, 5 Pack Ads, 10,000 Points
+ Promo Code newmember

Coinpayments, ORU, or Direct Payment Cost $10

2nd Chance OTO at FunSoloAds Only

Lifetime SJV, 5 Pack Ads, 10,000 Points
+ Promo Code newmember

Coinpayments, ORU, or Direct Payment Cost $10

2nd Chance OTO at SuperLinkSolos Only

Lifetime SJV, 5 Pack Ads, 10,000 Points
+ Promo Code newmember

Coinpayments, ORU, or Direct Payment Cost $10

2nd Chance OTO at AeroMailsClub Only

Lifetime SJV, 5 Pack Ads, 10,000 Points
+ Promo Code newmember

Coinpayments, ORU, or Direct Payment Cost $10

2nd Chance OTO at AmazingTextAds Only

Lifetime SJV, 5 Pack Ads, 10,000 Points
+ Promo Code newmember

Coinpayments, ORU, or Direct Payment Cost $10

2nd Chance OTO at ViperTextAds Only

Lifetime SJV, 5 Pack Ads, 10,000 Points
+ Promo Code newmember

Coinpayments, ORU, or Direct Payment Cost $10

2nd Chance OTO at HotTextAds  Only

Lifetime SJV, 5 Pack Ads, 10,000 Points
+ Promo Code newmember

Coinpayments, ORU, or Direct Payment Cost $10

Valentines Day Special at All 7 Sites 

Lifetime SJV, 5 Pack Ads, 10,000 Points on each site

Coinpayments, or Direct Payment Cost $39.95

ORU Direct Pay or VISA Debit Card Cost $21.00 70% Discount

* PREFERRED ORU Marketplace is a member-only Club that offers products, services, discount coupons, travel discounts, and RX discounts. One-time $24.95 setup fee, $5.95 per month. Visa Debit Card is accepted worldwide with NO FEES. Use ORU Sharing Code RIC5550 when you register


Since we verify all payments you can send the funds direct

Pay using credit/debit cards over phone with Square +1 484-902-8819

Pay with SolidTrustPay to richard_moyer then submit help ticket below.

Pay with Circle Pay to then submit help ticket below

Just add a note that includes:

  • This site Name = 7 Site OTO
  • What the payment is for
  • Credit/debit card number
  • Expiration date
  • CVV
  • Amount of purchase
  • Your Username on each of the 7 sites
    • SoloAdsWork
    • FunSoloAds
    • SuperLinkSolos
    • AeroMailsClub
    • AmazingTextAds
    • ViperTextAds
    • HotTextAds

and we will add your payment, upgrade etc.

DO NOT REPORT PAYMENT/PURCHASE ISSUES USING CHAT!  There is no tracking on those tickets!


Rich Moyer

Rich Moyer - Admin

Collegeville, PA

+1 484-902-8819

Need Help? Click the graphic below

Remember  - This is 7 Site OTO