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I own a Network Marketing site called GrabThoseLeads, a complete marketing system to help newbie and experienced network marketers alike build their list (the lifeblood of network marketing), and create multiple streams of income.  OK.  There are literally thousands of sites that fit that description.  But, while not totally unique, there is one thing that separates my site from the crowd…  It’s Free.

Understand that FREE ISN’T FREE.  It’s free for my subscribers, and I just ask that they engage, sign up for some of the income-generating programs, and promote my site.  The two key concepts in play are: build your list, and create streams of RESIDUAL INCOME.

That works well in theory, but there are more than a few of these people who fall into any one or more of these categories:  freebie seekers, lazy, looking for the Easy Button.  There are a few who “get it”, but the majority do not.

Well, at some point, I need to be recouping my losses to sustain this environment so I can actually HELP those who really engage, participate, and have the desire and drive to get a Home Business started.  These people have all the right stuff to succeed, except money.  I provide them with all the Done-For-You marketing tools, training, support, programs, and traffic for FREE.  (note to self – STOP USING THE WORD FREE because, guess who is footing the bill!)

My Background

I have been helping small businesses get started since 1997, when I formed my consulting practice to do just that.  It began with people who watched a late night infomercial, attended a “No Money Down” real estate seminar, or simply bought a course or book.  They bought the book, so that allowed them to fall into the “I R A REAL ESTATE INVESTOR” category.  Right. These people simply did not understand what was necessary to start a business.

As a real estate investor myself, I was a member of one of the largest Real Estate Investment groups on the east coast.  They would pack over 1000 people a month into an auditorium, bring in national speakers, and get more and more people excited about the CONCEPT of having their own business, becoming financially independent, and breaking loose from their J-O-B.  It’s what they DIDN’T tell them that got these people into trouble.

I would rent out a country club banquet room, charge them $11 for lunch (barely covered my costs), and I conducted free workshops on creating a business plan, how to write a Pro Forma statement, business record keeping and accounting, zoning, permits, and licenses, business organization, etc.  My banker would chime in, telling them how necessary it was to do THOSE things before trying to convince a banker or investors to loan them money for this venture.

So my history with helping small businesses get started goes back to about 6 years before I retired from the corporate world (my first retirement).

My wife tells me that I have now retired for the third and last time.  I just cannot sit idle – I like to be busy.  My “home business” consists of the marketing system I mentioned (called GrabThoseLeads), selling advertising, and generating traffic (the term for getting ads in front of the right targeted audience for offers).  Everything I make goes back into the business, and I make up any shortfalls out-of-pocket.

I have been operating at a loss for so long, and I needed to come up with ways to generate revenue so I can continue supporting my little “home business incubator”.  I just want to get people started so they too can become self-sufficient.

Some of these people have REALLY  needed help.  No job, divorce, physical limitations, disabilities.  I have “footed the bill” for purchases or memberships for people who could not come up with two quarters to rub together that month.  I have joined programs just so they could get commission that month.   I even paid the electric bill for one guy for two months until he got back on his feet after an accident.

I’ve been an Amazon affiliate for years.  Honestly, I haven’t been able to generate enough income to buy Christmas cards.  Why would people want to come to MY affiliate websites when it is so easy to just type “Amazon.com”?

This is where ItsJustBusinessDude comes in.

As stated, there are a FEW of my subscribers who are honestly trying to get started in a home business.  I’ve mentored quite a few of these people that now have success stories, and the few that really do show initiative and drive, but are barely making it, and cannot afford the tools, training, and traffic (ie advertising expenses) – It’s THESE people I want to help.

Funny, but the majority of people (not in the down-and-out group) don’t spend one dime to help themselves.  They cannot afford $20-$50 per month, or so they say.  I challenge them about it, and have uncovered some of these answers:

  • they eat out 3-4 times per week rather than prepare their own meals (could save $50-$100 per month)
  • they buy a case of beer every week ($100 per month)
  • they smoke ($30-$50 per month)
  • they drink Starbucks like addicts ($100 per month)
  • they pay RETAIL for clothing, household items, etc.

I realize that these are CHOICES.  They do not assign any priority to starting a home based business and they allow their lifestyle choices to consign any budget they might need to start that business. These are NOT the people I want to spend my time and money to help.   BUT, if I can convince them to make ONE CHANGE – to shift their  retail purchases to ItsJustBusinessDude – my Amazon store, I can REINVEST any affiliate commissions BACK INTO MY BUSINESS to cover hosting, software licensing, my own advertising to promote this for THEM, etc.

Initiatives to Keep GrabThoseLeads Alive

  1. In return for spending their discretionary budget at Amazon through ItsJustBusinessDude, I give them 1 Lifetime Banner on any of my advertising sites for each $10 they spend at Amazon.  This is a $14.95 value.
  2. I have added some premium advertising options on my sites – get high visibility, high exposure ads that display for one week – unlimited number of views and clicks.  Cost: $5 per week.  Value $19.95.
  3. I have started a Traffic Co-Op, where I buy premium advertising traffic, and by purchasing “shares”, they  are put into a “rotator”, where a different website is shown every time the web address is accessed.  They are getting an opportunity to have their ad shown (1 out of 50 views for each share) on premium advertising sites they could not otherwise afford.  Cost: $7.60 per share.   I pay $20 per share for other Traffic Co-Ops that I use myself
  4. I offer premium services for a fraction of the cost.  I purchased an enterprise license for software that creates the “Doodly” videos – the ones where a hand draws on a whiteboard.  It is proven that using this technology in promotions, you will get more people to view your ads, more people who will recognize your “brand”, all things that eventually lead to more “conversions” from prospects to CUSTOMERS.  For every member of GrabThoseLeads that joins one of my select premium programs, I will create their own custom, branded, Doodly video.  (I reinvest any residual income created when they join).
  5. I offer Lifetime memberships for a one time cost of $17 or less on my advertising sites that include a generous allocation of ads (up to a million points – a veritable lifetime of advertising).  Not only do they get quality advertising, but by promoting these sites, they earn 50% of sales when their referrals join and upgrade.
  6. I offer SuperNetwork Ads at the Minimum Allowable Prices.  These email ads, for under $5 each, go to literally tens of thousands of members on dozens of different sites.  To put this in perspective, normal price for a Solo (email) ad that goes to 515 members is $2.95.  One SuperNetwork ad that goes to 75,505 members is $4.95 (the lowest price I am allowed, by contract, to sell them).  The same ad on other sites could be $8.95 to $15.95

It’s All About Continuing to Help People Who Are Struggling to Start a Home Business.

Want to help?

>>>> http://ItsJustBusinessDude.com

Do YOU want  to start your own home business?  Click the banner below.

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